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Parasailing In Jaisalmer
  • One of the most popular adventure activities in Jaisalmer is parasailing, which allows you to glide through the air while taking in the captivating splendor of the desert from a bird’s eye perspective.
  • The finest location for parasailing in Rajasthan is in the city of Jaisalmer because of its rich culture, historic sites, and artificial lakes.
  • Gain a greater perspective of the Thar Desert and a shot of excitement, then return to your resort with priceless memories.
  • You just need to go by the safety measures and instructions offered by the local professionals because all safety equipment is completely available there.
  • Feel the surge of excitement as you take off into the sky and as you soar through the blasting air.

How to reach?

The campground is located 33 kilometers from Jaisalmer’s main city and is easily accessible by both public and private transportation.

  • Nearest airport: Jaisalmer Airport is nearest to the campsite at a distance of 36km. Domestic flights from major cities are available to reach Jaisalmer.
  • Nearest railway station: Jaisalmer Railway station is the nearest railway station situated at a distance of 35 km from the campsite. Trains from major cities are available to reach Jaisalmer.
  • Nearest bus stop: RSRTC bus stand is nearest to the paragliding site at a distance of 36 km. One can hire either a taxi or a shared vehicle from the railway station to reach the campsite.


  • The maximum weight of any passenger should not exceed 100 kg.
  • Jeep + ParaSail, Equipment, and Safety Gear are included in the package.
  • Anyone above the age of 10 years can partake in this activity.

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